Serbian Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research
Current Issue
Vol.19 no. 2

Review Paper

- Consideration of the therapeutic potential of irrigants in endodontic therapy

Original Scientific Paper

- Synthesis and characterization of zinc(Ii)-complexes with S-alkyl derivatives of thiosalicylic acid
- Effects of coriandrum sativum extract and simvastatin in isopreterenol induced heart failure in rats
- Effects of ischemic and proton pump inhibitors preconditioning on oxidative stress of isolated rat heart
- Ubiquinone plasma levels are correlated with brain natriuretic peptide plasma levels in patients with chronic heart failure: the potential of coenzyme Q10 combined therapy
- Efficacy of genital chlamidiae trachomatis treatment in women of reproductive age
- Prevalence of prolonged qtc interval in patients taking psychopharmacs
- Test anxiety in pre-exam period and success of nursing students
- Genetic methods for detecting astrocytes, neurons and neurogenesis

Review Paper

- Esophageal mobilization in the treatment of short esophagus

Case Report

- Applying the molecular adsorbent recirculating system (mars) in the treatment of acute liver failure (alf): Case report
- Obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with concomitant mitral regurgitation treated with a septal myectomy and mv repair: a case report

Current Issue Vol.19 no. 2



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Dear Authors,

I am glad to inform you that from November 24th, manuscripts for Serbian Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research are available for submission through the new Editorial Manager System
I hope you will continue the contribution to our Journal.

Editor in Chief
Professor Vladimir Jakovljevic



Dear readers,

New title, new design, new era! Being published under the title MEDICUS for nine continual years, our journal has got a new, we hope more appropriate, title Serbian Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research. The decision to change the title stemmed from two reasons.

The first is a need to clearly define the country of origin as well as the field of medical science the journal covers. By providing these two pieces of information through the journal title itself, we strive to facilitate, both to our readers and potential contributors, the process of grasping and accepting it.

The other reason is more practical, or should we say technical in its nature. A certain level of ambiguity had arisen in relation to the now defunct title MEDICUS, the ambiguity we wanted to avoid.
Namely, in addition to our MEDICUS, quality and rating of which are indubitable, there are few other journals with the same or similar titles. We may say with confidence that their quality and rating are on the lower end of the bar, yet they were fertile ground for misunderstanding and we felt that this reason more sufficient significance to necessitate the change of title.

In addition to the new title, this volume features revamped design - in other words, the design of Serbian Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research is improved both aesthetically and functionally. Our friend and associate Vidan Papic will take credit for all positive and the blame for all negative aspects of the journal's new layout.

We would also like to inform you that we feel our quality and maturity are of such exceptional level that we engaged in a qualification match for getting indexed in Medline/Index Medicus base, the objective we set for ourselves nine years ago.