Immunity, Infection, Autoimmunity and Aging

Hotel Izvor, Arandjelovac Spa (Belgrade)

24-27 May 2015


Immunoregulation is one of the major topics not only for immunologists, but also for biomedical research in general. The aims of the Third Belgrade EFIS Conference on Immunoregulation is to present the state of art in different aspects of this broad field of research and to facilitate interactions between leading scientists from Europe, North America and Asia and young European investigations in particular from South East and Eastern part of the continent.

Following the successful First and Second EFIS meetings held in Belgrade in 2008 and 2011, the Third Belgrade EFIS Conference on Immunoregulation in Arandjelovac Spa near Belgrade, will bring together international delegates to show their latest research and provide insight into the mechanisms of innate immunity, immunopathology, autoimmunity, immune response to infection, aging of immune system, glycoimmunology and immunometabolism.

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